Sweden Expresses Interest in Collaborating with Bangladesh in IT Sector

In a recent meeting between Swedish state secretary for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Hakan Jevrell, and state minister for foreign affairs Md Shahriar Alam in Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden expressed a strong desire to collaborate with Bangladesh in the information technology (IT) sector. The meeting, held on Friday, highlighted Sweden’s appreciation for Bangladesh’s achievements in IT and climate change adaptation.

Sweden highly praised Bangladesh’s accomplishments and expressed eagerness to join forces in the development of the IT sector and green transition, as stated in a press release by Bangladesh’s foreign ministry in Dhaka. Recognizing Asia as the engine of growth, Sweden emphasized Bangladesh’s impressive economic growth and expressed a desire to strengthen trade and investment relations amidst evolving geo-political developments.

During the meeting, Shahriar Alam highlighted Bangladesh’s digitalization plans and proposed close cooperation between the two countries in software technology, 4iR-enabled agriculture, and human resources development. The Swedish state secretary commended Bangladesh for its efforts in hosting forcibly displaced Rohingyas, acknowledging the country’s commitment to humanitarian causes.

In return, Shahriar expressed gratitude to Sweden for its continued support in improving the living conditions of the poor and promoting gender equality in Bangladesh. He also thanked the Swedish government for its assistance to the Rohingyas and their support in seeking a political solution to the crisis.

The discussion further revolved around potential bilateral and multilateral cooperation on climate change. The meeting was attended by Bangladesh’s ambassador to Sweden, Mehdi Hasan, and the Director General (West Europe & EU) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kazi Russel Pervez, among others.

Sweden’s expressed interest in collaborating with Bangladesh in the IT sector signifies a significant opportunity for the growth and development of Bangladesh’s technological capabilities, while also strengthening the overall bilateral relations between the two nations.


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