Request For Proposal: Radio Campaign for Securing Rights for Women Domestic Workers in Bangladesh from OXFAM

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Oxfam in Bangladesh is seeking a Consultancy Firm for Radio Campaign for Securing Rights for Women Domestic Workers in.’ We invite proposals from interested consultancy firms to undertake this assignment.

Background & Rationale:

The Securing Rights project works directly with women Domestic Workers (DW), Domestic Worker Groups (DWG) and the Domestic Workers Rights Network (DWRN) to provide them with the information, the skills, the confidence and the action planning so that women can find and keep decent work and to ensure a strong communication and Branding and Media engagement. Securing Rights supports Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs) in advancing domestic workers’ legal rights and ensuring their fair implementation.

The Securing Rights project aims to hire a consultancy firm (Radio Broadcasting Company) to step forward its communication and branding activities and to promote the projects’ broader objective and activities to the audience through radio broad casting to make a positive change in the life and livelihood of the domestic workers.

Informal employment forms the overwhelming majority of the total labor force and is one of the major issues that characterize the economy of Bangladesh. There are approximately 10.5 million people engaged as domestic workers across Bangladesh. Due to the often ‘invisible’ and ‘informal’ nature of domestic work and the high number of child domestic workers, the official statistics regarding the actual number of domestic workers are inconsistent. Statistics do, however, indicate that there are increasing numbers of individuals, mostly women, employed as domestic workers. The 2013 Labour Force Survey commissioned by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics does not capture domestic workers or the informal sector as forms of employment.

In 2015, the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) adopted the Domestic Workers Protection and Welfare Policy (DWPWP); however, it has yet to ratify the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers. There are no legal ramifications for employers who do not implement or follow the DWPWP. Unless provisions of international conventions ratified by Bangladesh are incorporated into domestic law, such conventions will not be fully realized.

Securing Rights works through local partners to increase the status, safety and income of women domestic workers. It works in two streams-women domestic workers are empowered and organized to claim and defend their rights; stakeholders protect the rights of women domestic workers and recognize domestic work as a formal profession.


The Securing Rights project seeks to improve the well-being of women domestic workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who is one of the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups in the country. Oxfam believes that, like gender equality, Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) is an end in itself. Therefore, Oxfam posits that economic justice will only be achieved through a feminist economic system that upholds the rights of women to ensure they exercise control over their income, assets, decision-making, and time.

The project is being implemented through an integrated and multi-faced socio-ecological approach, which works towards change at multiple levels (individual, community, institutional, and societal) with diverse actors who are crucial to realizing and sustaining change. Securing Rights aims to contribute to the following:

  • Improved accreditation and recognition of women domestic workers.
  • Strengthened capacity and leadership of these workers and their groups and networks to advocate for their rights to decent work and access to comprehensive support services.

Scope of the Work:

The service provider should work closely with Influencing, Campaign, Advocacy and Media (ICAM) team of Oxfam in Bangladesh along with Oxfam’s Gender Justice and Social Inclusion Team for the accomplishment of the following tasks to:

  • Reach 3 million indirect beneficiaries by March 2025 to change social norms towards domestic workers and domestic work.
  • Developing multiple social media content, live broadcasting on radio, including online platforms and media, programme coverage.
  • Developing impact/change stories of domestic workers to share though radio and facebook page of the designated radio.
  • Branding and boosting programme activities and event documentaries.

Please refer to the detailed ToR (Click here) for this assignment.


  • The consultancy firm must submit the following documents along with the Technical & Financial Proposal.
  • The financial proposal should include 15% VAT only. Oxfam will deduct Income Tax and VAT as per government rules and policies at source from the agreed consultancy amount.

For Consultancy Firm:

  • Maximum 2 pages’ firm profile highlighting related assignments completed with client name, contact person, and mobile number.
  • Lead Consultant’s (who will lead the assignment) maximum 2 pages CV highlighting related assignments completed, role in the completed assignment.
  • Other Team members’ (who will be involved in the assignment) one paragraph short CV highlighting related assignments completed and role.
  • Firm’s Certificate, TIN Certificate, BIN Certificate, VAT registration, and Trade License.

Please only mention Radio Campaign for SRDW” in the subject line while emailing the application to

Submit two separate PDF files with the following names:

  1. Financial proposal

The financial proposal should include a detailed budget, consultancy days and fees, including travel and accommodation costs, and any other relevant expenditure. The financial proposal should include 15% VAT on the total base amount.

  1. Technical proposal  

The technical proposal should include the following parts::

  • Cover page
  • Table of content
  • Understanding of the study – Background, Objectives, scope, and key questions, etc. (Not just copy and paste from the ToR)
  • Proposed methodology
  • Study plan/ work schedule
  • Proof of experience in leading similar study work (Provide at least 2 examples of similar work, agency, and time of conduction) with 02 references
  • A work-plan and methodology
  • Team composition along with its rationale (CV in annexes)
  • Any other areas mentioned in the ToR
  • Certificate: TIN, BIN, and VAT registration, Trade License (if applicable)


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We are committed to ensuring diversity and gender equality within our organisation and encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.

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