PRABRIDDHI steps into Kushtia to foster local economic development

PRABRIDDHI, a local economic development (LED) project jointly funded by Switzerland and the Government of Bangladesh, has expanded its intervention into Kushtia municipality in an effort to foster sustainable economic development at local level. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the project and the municipality for this expansion during a kick-off event at Desha Tower in the city on Wednesday (25 October 2023).

Established in 1869, Kushtia municipality is the second-largest in Bangladesh, situated in the central-southern region and serving as the local government administrative unit for Kushtia Sadar Upazila. Kushtia’s diverse industrial landscape includes textiles, garments, agriculture, and trade, driving the local economy. It benefits from a well-established road, rail, and river transportation network, ensuring efficient connectivity within and beyond the region. The city’s dynamic markets cater to a growing population’s needs, offering a wide range of products and services. Kushtia’s strategic location and economic activities make it a prominent location for potential Local Economic Development (LED).

Md. Ehtesham Reza, Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Kushtia District, expressed optimism and hope regarding the initiative mentioning, he is filled with optimism as they embark on this journey with PRABRIDDHI in Kushtia. The project holds the promise of transforming their district, enabling local economic development in ways that benefit every resident. Together, they can illuminate a path towards a brighter and more prosperous future for Kushtia.

Anwar Ali, the Mayor of Kushtia, expressed his confidence in the transformative potential of the collaborative efforts between the municipality and the PRABRIDDHI project. He emphasized his profound belief in the project’s ability to effect positive change in Kushtia. This initiative introduces a locally-driven economic development process, poised to invigorate the municipality, attract new investments, and, most significantly, ignite a shared sense of optimism for a brighter future among the residents.

Sohel Ibn Ali, Senior Programme Manager, Income and Economic Development, Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh, conveyed his enthusiasm about the launch of Local Economic Development (LED) in Kushtia and the MoU signing between the Kushtia municipality and the PRABRIDDHI project. He spoke of how the event marks the beginning of a transformative journey for Kushtia. It signifies a powerful collaboration between the municipality and PRABRIDDHI, paving the way for locally-driven economic development. He further highlighted SDC’s commitment to working hand-in-hand to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for the vibrant city.

Co-implemented by Local Government Division (LGD) and Swisscontact, the PRABRIDDHI project is currently being implemented in six municipalities – Bogura, Jashore, Shibganj, Bhairab, Dinajpur and Kushtia.



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