Heifer International Bangladesh Hosts Mr. Buddi Khatri, Associate Director of Programs-Social Capital Development, Asia Region

Heifer International Bangladesh had the honor of hosting Mr. Buddi Khatri, Associate Director of Programs-Social Capital Development for Heifer’s Asia region. From June 13-20, 2023, Mr. Khatri embarked on a visit to the Heifer Bangladesh program in Tangail and Sirajganj districts to personally observe the organization’s social capital development activities.

During his visit, Mr. Khatri immersed himself in the field activities and engaged in meaningful discussions with the field staff of Heifer, its partners, and cooperatives. He took the opportunity to interact with various stakeholders, including Self Help Groups (SHGs), cooperative societies, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

Impressed by his firsthand experience, Mr. Khatri highly appreciated Heifer International Bangladesh’s social capital development interventions. He commended the unity and uniformity demonstrated by the cooperative society members in their relentless pursuit of shared goals.

The visit of Mr. Buddi Khatri serves as a testament to the commitment of Heifer International Bangladesh in fostering social capital development and empowering local communities. The insights gained from this visit will further enhance the organization’s efforts in creating sustainable livelihoods and improving the lives of vulnerable populations.

Heifer International Bangladesh looks forward to continuing its transformative work in collaboration with partners, cooperatives, and dedicated individuals, as it strives to uplift communities and promote lasting change.



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