GoTan’s Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives Shine at the 7th Leather and Footwear Expo in Bangladesh

In a bid to promote good working conditions in tanneries, the project “Good Working Conditions in Tanneries” (GoTan) recently participated in the highly anticipated 7th Leather and Footwear Expo. The event, organized by LIMRA and the Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA), took place from June 15 to 17 at the prestigious International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB).

The Leather and Footwear Expo served as a platform for key stakeholders and industry professionals to gather, exchange ideas, and showcase the latest trends and developments in the leather, footwear, and leather goods industry. GoTan seized this opportunity to engage with partners and highlight its commendable work on Occupational Health and Safety in tanneries.

At the expo, GoTan’s booth, adorned with informative materials and engaging videos, attracted a significant number of visitors. Industry professionals, representatives from various companies, and stakeholders showed great interest in GoTan’s initiatives, resulting in numerous fruitful discussions on the subject matter. These interactions not only raised awareness about the importance of Occupational Health and Safety but also opened up new avenues for potential collaborations in the future.

The project’s representatives were delighted to see the overwhelming response and engagement from the expo attendees. They emphasized the significance of such platforms in bringing together industry players and fostering dialogue and cooperation. GoTan’s participation not only highlighted the project’s dedication to improving working conditions but also its commitment to creating a safer and healthier environment in tanneries across Bangladesh.

With the success of its presence at the 7th Leather and Footwear Expo, GoTan aims to build upon the momentum gained and continue making strides in its mission to ensure good working conditions in the tanning industry. The project remains dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by workers and to promoting sustainable practices that benefit both the workforce and the industry as a whole.

As GoTan moves forward, it looks forward to collaborating with industry partners, stakeholders, and policymakers to drive meaningful change and create a safer, more sustainable future for tanneries in Bangladesh and beyond.


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