ADB Approves $190 Million for Further Rural Road Development in Bangladesh

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has granted an additional $190 million in funding for the Rural Connectivity Improvement Project in Bangladesh. This investment aims to enhance rural road infrastructure, boost agricultural productivity, and improve socioeconomic centers in rural areas, according to a statement released by the ADB on Tuesday.

Masahiro Nishimura, ADB Principal Rural Development Specialist, highlighted the project’s significance, stating, “This is ADB’s second additional financing for the project, further expanding improvement of rural road networks and introducing innovative features in climate and disaster resilience and road asset management to enhance living conditions in rural areas in Bangladesh.” The initiative plays a vital role in improving transport efficiency and reliability, stimulating agricultural output, and generating employment opportunities to support the country’s sustainable economic growth.

Commenced in 2018, the project initially aimed to upgrade 1,700 kilometers of rural roads, enhance the capabilities of rural infrastructure agencies, and advance the master planning of rural road networks. However, since 2020, an additional 900 kilometers of rural roads have been included in the project’s scope.

The newly approved funds will be utilized to improve another 1,350 kilometers of rural roads, ensuring they meet all-weather standards while incorporating climate resilience and safety features, as outlined by the ADB. The investment will also facilitate the provision of equipment and trucks to 180 mobile road maintenance offices at the upazila level, while strengthening the capacity of the Local Government Engineering Department, particularly in implementing bioengineering solutions for climate adaptation.

The ADB’s financial support will contribute to the development and maintenance of crucial rural infrastructure, enhancing connectivity, facilitating economic activities, and improving the overall quality of life for rural communities in Bangladesh.


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