Chinese Ambassador Yao Wen Praises Chinese Enterprises for Promoting Sustainable Development and Strengthening Ties in Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Chinese enterprises operating in Bangladesh have pledged to take on a greater responsibility in driving sustainable development and deepening the friendship between China and Bangladesh, according to Chinese Ambassador Yao Wen.

Speaking at the launch of the “China-Bangladesh Partnership—Building Strong Communities Together Report” held at the Chinese embassy, Ambassador Yao Wen highlighted the importance of fostering closer ties between the peoples of both nations, promoting well-being, and nurturing more ambassadors of friendship.

Ambassador Yao Wen underscored the goal of passing on the legacy of China-Bangladesh friendship from one generation to the next. He further assured that China will continue to support Bangladesh in realizing its vision of achieving a “Sonar Bangla” (Golden Bengal).

The program was graced by Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi, who emphasized the significance of trade and investment cooperation between China and Bangladesh, as well as China’s support for Bangladesh’s infrastructure development.

Minister Tipu Munshi emphasized that businessmen can play a pivotal role in implementing the Free Trade Agreement between Bangladesh and China. While the government creates opportunities, it is expected that business owners will strengthen relations among themselves to maximize the benefits of such cooperation.

Ambassador Yao Wen highlighted that Chinese enterprises are well acquainted with the concept of social responsibility. Over the years, hundreds of Chinese enterprises operating in Bangladesh have made long-term investments to fulfill their social responsibilities, including actions in environmental protection, honest operations, community service, job creation, employee training, and public welfare and charity initiatives.

Inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese enterprises in Bangladesh have embraced the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind. They actively contribute to the Global Development Initiative, assisting Bangladesh in unlocking its development potential. Furthermore, they generously share their own development experience and achievements with their Bangladeshi counterparts.

“As the Chinese ambassador to Bangladesh, I am immensely proud of the contributions made by Chinese enterprises to the development of China-Bangladesh relations,” expressed Ambassador Yao Wen, while conveying his respect and heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed to the economic development of Bangladesh and the friendship between China and Bangladesh.

During the event, Ambassador Yao Wen presented the prestigious ‘China-Bangladesh Ambassador Friendship Award’ to six Bangladeshi individuals, including Alifa Chin. The award aims to inspire Bangladeshi youth to pursue their dreams diligently, contribute to the enduring China-Bangladesh friendship, and actively engage in bilateral cooperation. As a recognition of their achievements, the Chinese Embassy will arrange a visit to China for Alifa Chin and her family later this year.

In addition, the other five awardees, who are employed by Chinese enterprises, have received promotions, salary enhancements, and the assurance of continued employment upon the completion of their ongoing projects.

Ambassador Wen announced that this year, under the framework of China’s aid, nearly 200 opportunities will be provided to Bangladeshis to receive training and participate in higher education in China. He further affirmed that China will maintain and gradually increase the number of trainees each year in the future.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the 7th anniversary of Bangladesh’s participation in the Initiative. The Chinese embassy in Bangladesh is taking the lead in producing a comprehensive research report on the Belt and Road Initiative in Bangladesh, which will showcase the current situation and future development direction of China-Bangladesh friendship.

“We will launch the report in the near future,” announced Ambassador Yao Wen. “We will strengthen theoretical and practical exchanges with Bangladesh on modernization and synergize our development strategies,” he added.

The commitment of Chinese enterprises and the continuous support from China reaffirm the strong bond between the two nations, paving the way



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