Bangladesh Silk Development Board faces shortage of manpower

Bangladesh Silk Development Board is facing serious problems due to shortage of manpower. A total of 429 out of 581 officer-employee posts have remained vacant for long time. As a result no duties are being performed properly, the officials said.

Its known that Silk flourished in Rajshahi region through mulberry cultivation. This is where the production of cloth with pure silk yarn begins. After independence in 1974, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came to Natore’s Uttara Ganabhaban and was overwhelmed by the silk cloth. On that day he gave directions for further development and expansion of the silk industry.

In view of this, Bangladesh Silk Development Board was established in 1977. Its head office is in Rajshahi. Apart from the silk board, there are silk research and training institutes and government silk factories. However, the silk factory was closed during the BNP government. Later in 2018, the silk factory was reopened. But this industry is not getting success due to lack of manpower due to stagnation in administrative work.

According to sources, In Bangladesh Silk Development Board, out of 84 first class posts, 59 posts are vacant, 25 people are working. While second Class has 54 vacant posts against 72 posts, third Class has 277 vacant posts out of 367 posts and fourth Class has 39 vacant posts against 58 posts. Due to the fact that 429 of the 581 posts of officers and employees are vacant, there has been a standstill in various administrative works.

The officials said that since 2013, no officials have been appointed in silk board. But during this period, many officers and employees have retired. As a result, the number of vacancies only increased day by day. As a result, no work is progressing properly as the employees have to perform additional responsibilities.

Dr. MA Mannan, Director (Finance and Planning), Bangladesh Silk Development Board said that the manpower crunch has now become evident as the board has not been appointed for a long time, which has been reported to the government. The crisis can be solved only when the manpower recruitment instructions come from the ministry. Everyone has to work during the crisis until manpower is recruited.



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