Bangladesh Education Journal Downloads

Bangladesh Education Journal Downloads

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Motivation to Become a Teacher among Preservice Teachers in Colleges of Education in Ghana

Investigating University Students’ Satisfaction on Online Class: Bangladesh Perspective

Youth in Adversity: TVET and Skills for Realizing Potentials

Possibilities of using Mobile Technology to improve Early Grade Reading in Bangladesh: Towards a Practical Framework

University Teachers’ Training on Online Teaching-Learning using Online Platform during COVID-19: A Case Study

Education Response to Covid-19 in Bangladesh – A Missing Opportunity?

Exploring teaching learning of primary science outside the classroom in Bangladesh: Rationale, scopes, practice and challenges

Factors Affecting Teachers’ Attitudes towards Students’ Challenging Behaviour in Primary Schools

Status and Challenges of implementing Biology Curriculum at Secondary level in Bangladesh

COVID-19 related news in media: Analyzing the response of mass people using scientific literacy framework in Bangladesh

Higher Education for an Emerging Middle Income Country

Sexual Harassment among University Students in Nigeria: Prevalence, Psychosocial Factors and Prevention

Teaching “English for Life”: Beliefs and Attitudes of Secondary School English Teachers in Rural Bangladesh

Early grade reading skills: endline assessment of read interventions in Khagrachari, Chittgong Hill Tracts

Why is South Asia Poor? The role of primary education

Teacher’s beliefs and understanding about biotechnology and the effect on biotechnology education in Sri Lanka

Improving Early Grade Reading Performance: Results of School Based and Community-based Interventions in Bangladesh

Early Grade Bangla Reading Situation in Nikli Upazila: A Snapshot of Rural Bangladesh

Citizen’s Report Card on Service Delivery in Government Primary Schools of Bangladesh

Strengthening Non-government Public Libraries in Bangladesh to Support Lifelong Learning

Baseline Assessment of Early Grade Reading Skill: Khagrachari, CHT, Bangladesh

Volunteer Tutoring for Struggling Readers of English at the Early Level in Bangladesh: An Action Research

Some Challenges in Indian Basic Education: Need for a New Look

Education Quality – Chasing the Elusive Goal




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